[happy birthday]


Happy Birthday Stuart!

You fill our home with smiles, laughter and love… mum and dad love you so much. xoxo



{It is our home}

I’m not really into posting “before” pictures until I have some finished pictures to follow them up with – BUT with how things are moving along over here… it could be awhile! Love u hun :)

Kitchen - Before

This is our before kitchen!


Cabinets Down...

Cabinets Down…


Kitchen -

Looks better already!


Kitchen -

Cabinets are going up!! Happy Happy


Kitchen - After

New CABINETS are in!

New CABINETS are in!

New CABINETS are in!



24 hours after closing…

24 hours after closing – our TLC project is a MESS!


24 hrs after closing


Closing day is finally here!

We purchased our very first home today! We took many photos right away, because we knew our home needed immediate TLC. Here is what the main floor looked like before the work begun:

Main Floor

Here is what the upstairs looked like before the work begun: